How does work?

After joining our link exchange and placing one small banner or widget with links to your blog or website and other blogs in our network After submitting your post, your blog post previews (images plus links) will start appearing on hundreds of some of the most interesting blogs and websites. The system carefully tracks that every participant gets more traffic than he gives, bringing back 170% to 250% more visitors to your posts. In general, all partners get a 30 - 40% increase to their daily traffic.

What's the catch?

No strings attached, no cost, It's Free! Each day you can send your best blog post links to, just as you can to Digg or Reddit. The ones chosen by staff go on the front page, making them visible to thousands of daily visitors. That's a totally free way for participants to get a lot of quality traffic daily

Can anyone submit pictures?

Yes. As long as you provide the correct link back to the blog post URL of the picture.

What are your submission rules?

How long does it take for submissions to appear on the site?

Moderation can take up to 12 hours, but we typically review your submissions much faster. Generally we will get them approved in an hour during business hours. After approval, your post will be posted on our homepage.

How will I know if my submission is accepted or declined?

You can check your post in the "Manage Post" section. From there you will see either approved or declined with a particular reason as to why it was declined and you will also get an email notification.

Will you review and select other pictures from my submitted post?

No. We only review what you submit to us and we will not select another picture from your post, even if we think it's a better picture.

What's your criterion for accepting submissions?

We review each picture to make sure they meet the following criteria...

How do I submit a picture?

You only have to submit the URL that links to the picture and use our crop tool to select the part of the picture you want to display on our site. That's it!

My submissions never appear on the site, why?

We try to select the highest quality images to appear on the site. Some reasons may be:

If your submission is declined, you will receive feedback with the primary reason why we didn't accept your photo.

Are pictures from non-blog sites accepted, such as Flickr?

At this time, we generally accept only pictures from blogs. We may accept images from other non-blog websites if we have permission from that site, but we tend to avoid it. Regarding Flickr, if it's just an image then we won't accept it. However, if more content accompanies it, we will consider it.

Should I tag my submissions?

Tagging your submissions is optional, but we highly recommend it. Tagging your submissions is a great way to get keywords in your post and allow your submissions to be returned in search results more often.